Vehicle Valuation

Valuation solutions provide businesses involved in the used vehicle supply chain access to reliable, accurate information in order to monitor and track trends in the used car market.

Tru-Trade combines used vehicle data with sophisticated analytical techniques to deliver data which provides the end user with insight into the true market trends. We deliver an unaltered version of actual market trends i.e. a true reflection of reality.

Our Passenger and Commercial Dealer Guides enable our clients to make informed decisions. The valuation data caters for various levels of users ranging from actuaries who require comprehensive, detailed data to manage risk, to the independent used car dealer who simply needs to value a particular vehicle for trade or retail purposes.

The valuation data set caters for all passenger cars, light and medium commercial vehicles manufactured between 2003 and 2013, providing a comprehensive database for valuation purposes, useful for car dealerships, insurance companies and financial institutions alike.

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