What are your business principles?
We are completely transparent and objective. We don’t set trends, we report on them and clients are our key stakeholders.

How comprehensive is the data?
Our data dates back to 2003. Various analytical techniques allow us to plot, generate or determine trends even in instances where very little or no data is available.

Do you have enough data and how is it returned?
We receive in excess of 30 000 records per month that is analysed and used to plot trends. We deliver data seamlessly via web services. No more wading through paper based reports!

What methodology do you use to analyse vehicle trends?
Our methodology is unique in the sense that our analytics’ model is not linear based. We know and understand factors like interest rates, over allowances and discounts all impact on used vehicle pricing and use this information to provide the most accurate data possible.

Has the automotive landscape evolved?
Absolutely! Consumers are completely spoilt for choice if we compare the industry today to decades passed. The high number of new entrants as well as model variants is proof of this and precisely the reason more robust and detailed comparative data is required by any business in the automotive industry. Access to our data set ensures you have sufficient information available to make informed business decisions.

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