About Us

Tru-Trade was established in 2010 as an alternative platform in the automotive and related industry offering true and accurate data for used vehicle trends.

We want to be your competitive advantage!

We therefore do not focus on values only, but rather offer a wealth of information when producing and managing vehicle data, as well as holistic reports on trading conditions. As a result of market demand we know and understand that the industry has evolved and is reliant on accurate data. Analytics is the driver behind our data and through our analytics, we’re able to use and supply data that is not based on guidelines, hunches or incomplete information, but instead on robust, proven methodology and sound statistical models.

South Africa is quite unique in that it is dependent on a single data supplier while internationally this is not the norm, with usually two or three alternative data suppliers. The market is ready for a new player.

Data should be viewed as a strategic tool in making business decisions, and we aim to be your trusted reference point when it comes to using data as a strategic tool and understanding vehicle values, key historical event and trading conditions in the market.

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